Storrs Land Surveying


About Bruce Storrs

Bruce R. Storrs, P.L.S.


  • L.S. 6914 (1993)
  • Surveying Engineer with expertise in management and all phases of land surveying
  • Versatile competent and result oriented, capable of working effectively under pressure


Office and Field Management Expert Witness

Cost estimating, RFP’s, RFQ’s Public Land Survey System (P.L.S.S.)

Preparation of Record Maps AutoCAD

Legal Description Preparation GNSS/GPS/RTK



  •       County Surveyor, City and County of San Francisco
  •       Owner (Storrs Land Surveying). Field-to-finish responsibility of all survey projects
  • Project Manager (Langford Land Surveying). Field-to-finish responsibility of individual survey projects.
  • Survey Manager (Sandis Humber Jones). Managed all company survey operations (field and office) for 3 offices/16 employees
  • Director of Surveys (TS/Nowack). Managed all company survey operations. Designed and developed company computer network.
  • Assistant Survey Coordinator (ASL). Assisted Corporate Survey Coordinator in all phases of survey operations for 8 office locations.
  • Office Manager, Fresno site office (Psomas). Liaison with the California Department of Transportation, City and County of Fresno for development of Route 180 “The GAP” freeway project.
  • Project cost estimation, forming and tracking budgets; field instructions; review and technical interface with clients. Coordinate and assign field crews, boundary analysis, monumentation, preparation and Submittal of Record of Survey.
  • Analysis and preparation of A.L.T.A., design, boundary and topographic surveys. Documentation, preparation and submittal of tract maps, parcel maps, records of survey and corner records. Construction, slope and grade staking.



Sandis, Campbell, CA November 2022-2023

Senior Project Manager

Wilsey Ham, San Mateo, CA 2020-2022 (March)

Survey Project Manager

City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 2005-2020

County Surveyor

Storrs Land Surveying, Oakland, CA. 1999-present


Langford Land Surveying, Oakland, CA. 1998

Project Manager

Sandis Humber Jones, Mountain View, CA. 1997

Survey Manager

TS/Nowack Consultants, Santa Clara, CA. 1996-1997

Director of Surveys

ASL Consulting Engineers, Irvine, CA. 1996

Assistant Survey Coordinator

Psomas and Associates, Santa Monica, CA. 1989-1995

Survey Engineer, Party Chief and Office Manager

Leo Woods Land Surveyor, Monterey, CA. 1988

Party Chief

U.S. Department of the Interior, B.L.M., Anchorage, AK. 1987



  • B.S., Surveying Engineering, California State University, Fresno

Areas of emphasis: Fundamental and advanced Surveying, Photogrammetry

Geodesy and Geodetic Surveying, Legal description writing, Subdivision Map Act

  • University of California, Santa Barbara

Areas of study: Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics,

Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Monterey Peninsula College

Areas of emphasis: Pre-Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry


  • California Land Surveyors Association
  • National Society of Professional Surveyors
Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists – Consumers – Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists
California Land Surveyors Association – California Land Surveyors Association
National Society of Professional Engineers –